Decentraland users watched SpaceX send two people from the auditorium of the virtual reality world to the space station on May 30.


A spacecraft built and launched almost a decade in the United States in only the first launch of NASA's YouTube channel was viewed on - ethereu-based virtual reality world Decentraland users had front row seats.

Decentraland said in a May 30 tweet that the final SpaceX launch will be presented live on VR world. Since Elon Musk sent two people into orbit in the first private, manned spacecraft launch in history, users have been able to watch the event in the virtual auditorium of the environment.

This is not the first move in the virtual reality world, of course. With many countries still locked in a Coronavirus pandemic, Decentraland hosted its annual Coinfest conference in March.

Prior to its launch in February, the platform raised $ 1 million during its first cryptocurrency offering in 2017, allowing users to purchase sandbox with the platform's currency MANA.