The SpaceX project received rejection from state officials for the requested support fund for the training of 900 existing personnel and the employment of 300 new employees.


 Elon Musk and state officials are known to be constantly on the line over disagreements over Tesla production.

The state of California last Friday rejected Elon Musk's request for $ 655,500 he requested from state jobs and education funds for the SpaceX project, referring to celebrity CEO Elon Musk's threat to ‘pull Tesla out of the state of California.’ The state's stance is believed to be due to Musk wanting to continue Tesla production in Alameda state, which has been halted due to coronavirus, although it has been at odds with authorities.

Instantly two of the five members of the California Employment Development Committee is a no vote, while the other two members of Musk Tesla's re-opening in recent years for the tweets and discuss SpaceX in Hawthorne, California, voted after reviewing reports of layoffs at the center. One member did not attend the session.

Gretchen Newsom, a member and political director of the local IBEW Electrical Workers Union, said: "I think, given the CEO's recent threats about leaving the state of California and everything else we're discussing today, this deal doesn't give him the confidence to support it., ” he said. Newson, who has no affiliation with the California Governor's Office, said: “SpaceX is a different company, but they have the same CEO." said.

The requested grant would be used for training employees and recruiting new staff:

The grant, to be provided from the state Employment Development Fund, was intended to train SpaceX's 900 employees for the Starlink satellite project and provide employment for 300 people for the Starship program. It has not yet been clear whether SpaceX will go ahead with its employment plan after its request was rejected on Friday.

As the dispute between Tesla and Alameda states draws national attention, officials from states such as Texas, Nevada, Georgia, Utah and Oklahoma are inviting Musk to evaluate their state for existing operations or a new factory that the company promises.