UBER, one of the most talked-about apps of the past month in particular, will be much talked about with its new project, which it unveiled this month.


 So what is Uber's new project? What is UberAir? When will Uber's flying taxi app start? How will Uber's air taxi service work? 

What is Uber's new project? What is UberAir? When will Uber's flying taxi app start?

UBER taxi, one of today's popular transportation apps, will also be much talked about with its new app. Uber's new app will provide traffic convenience. But what is Uber's new project? What is UberAir? When will Uber's flying taxi app start? How will Uber's air taxi service work? details about his questions are in the news.

What's Uber's new app? Will Uber provide a flying taxi service? What is UBERAIR?

Uber's next plan for City Transportation is electric flying taxis. The company, which has introduced new flying car concepts, plans to launch its UberAir flying taxi service in 2023.

What is Uber's flying taxi service?

Uber held its second “flying taxi” conference in Los Angeles this week. Uber's new app 'UberAir' makes it possible to provide transportation by flying in the city over the next decade. But will there be taxis flying on uberAIR? the answer to his question will be provided by the hydrobases called drone-helicopter.

Which companies will provide Uber's Drone Helicopter vehicles?

Embraer and Pipistrel Aircraft, two aircraft manufacturers working with Uber, have released new concept images of the planes they are planning for the firm's ambitious project. And California-based Karem, the latest aircraft manufacturer in partnership with Uber, also showcased a new vehicle. So now UBER will also provide air transport.

How will Uber provide air transport? UberAir's drawbacks

While electric flight is still in the very early stages of development, it is not clear whether it is possible to overcome technology, regulatory and infrastructure hurdles to comply with Uber's program. Alongside that, Uber needs to bring together an impressive array of aircraft equipment makers to help carry out urban air mobility.

In addition to Karem, Embraer and Pipistrel, Uber is partnering with Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences and Bell (formerly Bell Helicopters) to develop aircraft for the flying taxi project. (A previous partner Mooney no longer works with Uber.)

How will Uber flying taxi fare? Uber Flying Taxi Service's Usage Fee

Calculating the fare will be done over Miles and 1 mile (1.6 km) will cost $ 5.73. This means that the service will be very expensive. However, it is thought that the price will fall in the later periods and that air transportation will be preferred because it is much more trouble-free. Speaking at the conference today, Eric Allison also said they were working on alternative transportation opportunities that people would prefer instead of choosing to own their own vehicles in the future.

When will Uber flying taxi service start?

Uber has announced that it will pilot people to the first flying taxis it plans to roll out in 2023, but the ultimate goal is for these vehicles to become fully autonomous.

How will Uber Air Service work? How will Uber flying taxis be used? How Does Uber Taxi Work?

It is not yet known how the Uber Air Service will operate. UberAir will allegedly operate like an Uber taxi. The Uber flying taxi service also has different modes of operation.

Flying taxis won't come everywhere you call them. UberAir travel will start and end at Air stops built into strategic locations. Uber said the air stops model gives them a chance to manage sound pollution and coordinate flight planning with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Rob McDonald, who leads the Uber Vehicle Engineering Team, said that while Uber would not produce this car, this reference concept would lead to business partners.

With the application downloaded to the phone, passengers can find the nearest driver. In practice, the person reports his / her location so that the driver goes to the passenger's location. It is also possible to pay by credit and debit card. Passengers can also find out how much they need to pay by applying their location and destination before boarding a taxi.

Uber is a smartphone app. After the phone is installed, it provides a service to identify, find, call, determine the price and route of the transportation vehicle that will accompany the users to their destination. The user has the option to go to the destination by taxi, luxury vehicle, boat or any vehicle.Where to go in the first place to the system is written to the driver to describe where to go to do not need to bother to provide the Uber transportation service with a credit card to provide the opportunity to keep cash is also eliminated. Uber, the system that brings together car seekers and car owners, provides services in 315 countries around the world, along with Istanbul.Uber, which has been in use in Istanbul for about 1 year, is preparing to serve next summer in Cesme and Bodrum with Special Boat finding and calling options.