The German initiative Volocopter introduced its new flying taxi, which has 18 propellers and can provide taxi service within the city.


The German initiative Volocopter, which produced the world's first air taxi, has announced its new air vehicle. The initiative's new aircraft is coloured in a perfect blend of black and white and has the capacity to carry hand luggage alongside two passengers.

VoloCity, which is hoped to offer the world's first ‘on-demand air taxi service’, is powered by electricity. The vehicle is capable of vertical landing and Takeoff and has 18 propellers and a stabilizer to be more balanced during flight.

The Volocopter company says its new vehicles can fly at 110 km/h and have a range of 35 kilometres. The range seems to be low at first glance, but since the Volocopter's goal is to transport people within the city, we can say this range is sufficient.

VoloCity manages to attract attention with its appearance and features, but is this vehicle safe for use in the city? The answer is yes. The vehicle complies with local safety standards established by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). So this vehicle will be able to carry passengers within the city in a completely legal way.